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Benefits of Battery Storage

Resiliency from Power Outages.
Power Outages

In a grid-tied solar system without storage, excess energy is sent back to the grid for credit through net metering. During a utility-wide power outage, the system turns off. With solar storage, electricity can be drawn from batteries during outages, benefiting regular and emergency situations.

Great Where There's No Net Metering.
Where There's
No Net Metering

Solar storage is advantageous in areas without net metering. Instead of feeding excess electricity back to the grid, it can be stored in a home battery system, enabling homeowners to maximize their use of solar energy all day long.

Utilizing Solar Energy at Night.
Utilizing Solar Energy at Night

By utilizing a storage solution, homeowners can make use of the solar energy produced by their panels during the day to power their homes and devices at night. This flexibility allows homeowners to access their solar power whenever required, without being restricted to daylight hours.

Potential for an Off-Grid System
Potential for an Off-Grid System

Owning solar batteries allows for using stored energy at night. With solar plus storage, power can be pulled from batteries when solar panels are inactive. If batteries deplete, the grid provides power. An off-grid system relies solely on solar plus storage, requiring larger battery capacity to manage peak electricity usage.

Sunset on Solar Panels

Which Battery is Right for You?

Selecting the right battery depends on individual needs and preferences. When considering power storage options for your everyday life, it's crucial to define your goals. You might choose a scalable system that adjusts to different energy needs or a real-time monitoring system to keep track of power usage and device charging status.

Batteries Offered
Solar Panels
Enphase 5P


Powerwall Plus
Tesla Powerwall Plus
Solar Edge Battery

Solar Edge

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