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I co-own People’s Power and run Prime Power Solar as my personal business website. The website serves as a direct link to both current and potential clients. Owning your own business offers more flexibility compared to working for others, a benefit I aim to extend to my clients. Together with People's Power, we are dedicated to delivering top-tier solar energy solutions to help you save money, lower your electricity costs, and harness solar power for your home. With over a decade of experience in the solar industry and a multitude of satisfied customers, I provide premium products, competitive pricing, and outstanding service.


My name is Kevin Kennedy

I come from the small community of Vail, Arizona. I was here before the boom and growth of today.  I have a commitment to the community and am dedicated to helping others.  This is due to growing up in a small town which had a close-knit community spirit where everyone lent a hand when needed. 

My mission is to save families money on their electricity bills by harnessing the power of the sun.  As utility rates continue to rise, transition to solar power can provide long-term benefits for homeowners.  Solar energy is environmentally friendly and a smart financial choice.

My role as an owner of People's Power Solar allows me the ability to provide small-town service with big-city discounted pricing, ensuring that families have access to affordable solar solutions. 

I help people power their homes with the sun, making it their prime power.

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Kevin Kennedy, co-owner of People's Power Solar and the website, Prime Power Solar, is a direct link to him.

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Best Price

People's Power offers you

unbeatable quality & prices on your rooftop solar

system.  We offer the most competitive price around, we have over 10 years experience in the solar industry, and 1000's of happy solar customers.

Benefits of Going Solar

Making a difference one roof at a time.

No upfront costs required

No upfront 
cost required.

25-year production guarantee & warranty.

Solar panels have a long life span, warranties, & a 25-year production guarantee.

Reduce electricity bills.

electricity bills.

Protection from raising electricity rates/costs.

Protection from
raising electricity

Less dependence on electricity grid & utility.

Less dependence on 
​electricity grid & utility

Increase property value.

property value

What our customers are saying....

Explore these testimonials to read about real experiences from my customers detailing the service they received and their feedback on solar system installation and performance.  

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